About Us

COSTOSO ITALIANO is a subject of art taking place globally, redefining a wholly new approach to luxury and comfort. We at COSTOSO ITALIANO, with great love for detail, high-grade leathers and fashionable material, this brand rich in tradition believes above all in a strong price and quality. The expected high level of comfort in wear and a pleasant walking experience, perfect last-shapes and innovative features are brought to bear. We welcome you to a result of a unique process the one that will stay with you and impact the flock on many levels.

Premium Leather

Our Leather is Handpicked from the Finest Tanneries across India so that Leather of Highest Quality is used providing a Better Texture, Colour, Strength and Durability.

Excellence in Craftmanship

Best in Precision

Our every shoe is made with Refinement in every Measurement, Stitch and Punch.

BEST in Layering

Each layer ensures that every Component expresses itself, but does not Overpower.

BEST in Machinery

Machinery is used in a minimal way so there is perfection but also uniqueness.

Finest of the Finest

Our every shoe is passed through multiple levels of quality control and quality correction so that every part of the shoe is perfect from Sole to Aglet. Each colour is tried and tested be it any weather dry, humid, hot or cold, it can be assured the colour of the shoe remains as vibrant as on the day of finishing.